//Malaysia Plus Highway Speed Trap Location 2018 Part I
Plus Highway AES Speed Trap Location 2018 Part 1

Malaysia Plus Highway Speed Trap Location 2018 Part I

Holiday is around the corner, and for those motorists driving home or traveling across the cities take note!

As we all know the AES is now part of the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) which integrated with the Kejara demerit points system. Under this system, drivers licenses could be revoked if accumulated a certain number of demerit points. So stay safe drive slow, but I knew sometime we will off track a bit so check out the list of AES location below for extra precaution to avoid paying extra for your next road trip.

North Bound

AES North Bound Slim River

AES North Bound Kajang

AES North Bound Kampar

AES North Bound Taiping

AES North Bound Pantai Timur

AES North Bound Jawi

AES North Bound Pagoh

South Bound

AES South Bound Pantai Timur 2

AES South Bound Alor Gajah

AES South Bound Pagoh

AES South Bound Sungai Petani

Well, the list doesn’t end here and below is the list of common location for professional cameramen that could probably bill you RM 150 per photo taking session.

Plus Highway (North Bound)

Sg. Buloh Junction KM 456

Bukit Lanjan Interchange KM 459

Last Bridge before Sg. Besi Toll KM 309.2

Bangi Junction KM 296.5

Nilai North Junction KM 289

Nilai North Junction KM 286.5

Plus Highway (South Bound)

Sg. Buloh below signboard KM 455

Subang Junction KM 11.3

Bukit Lanjan Junction KM 22

Bridge before Nouvelle Hotel, Sg. Besi Toll 80km/h only

Kajang Junction KM 302.8

Bangi Junction KM 297

Nilai North Junction KM 285

Senawang Junction KM 285.5

Alor Gajah Junction KM 213.9

Take note guys, stay alert on the road and don’t speed for the safety of you and others. Part II is coming soon, stay tuned!