//Stop Using Your Touch ‘N Go App to Reload Your Card!
Temporarily Stop Using Touch n Go App to Reload Your Card

Stop Using Your Touch ‘N Go App to Reload Your Card!

Temporary stop using the newly launched Touch ‘n Go App to reload your TNG card! Several user facing issue regarding the card reload feature.

After the launch of the TNG App, it attracts many existing TNG user to download and test it out, but some of them thought TNG card is finally can reload online through the new App. But in fact, they were wrong the app itself can only partially reload your TNG card! It even being critic by the community as the stupidest way to reload your card!

Touch n Go Pick Up Device Terminal. Credit: Soyacincau
Touch n Go Pick Up Device Terminal. Image credit: Soyacincau

Several users shocked when they use the card and found out the card is not reloaded with the credit they transfer from the app, but they didn’t know the app transfer is only partially done and they required to complete the reload at TNG designated Pick Up Device (PUD) terminal within 24 hours!

Well the Touch ‘n Go apps currently in Beta Test stage which the Pick Up Device (PUD) terminal and the app is not stable yet, so we wouldn’t recommend you to reload your TNG card via the app, it’s better to stick with the old method because that’s the safest and most direct way to reload *if you know what I mean…

Touch n Go App
Touch n Go App

But somehow the entire concept of the app could revolutionize the way how we make payment in the near future, although it’s not something new but at least it is in our country. For more info regarding the features of the new TNG App Click Here to know more or if you want to try it out yourself download it from AppStore or Google Play now!