//There Are 7 Types of Travellers. What Kind Are You?

There Are 7 Types of Travellers. What Kind Are You?

The best part of travel is with the right partner. Which types did you find it is best to describe you?

1.The Adventure

You embarking on a journey without any form itinerary if the adventure came calling. Your love challenges. You have a heart filled with curiosity and exploration.

2.The Luxury Traveller

Money, on its own, it doesn’t matter to you. You are after unique, memorable experiences, regularly take part in “once-in-a-lifetime” activities while on holiday.

3.The Urban Traveller

You love everything about the city life. The architecture, culture and arts, design, restaurants and bars, shopping etc. You enjoy exploring one district after the other, roaming along the streets, observing the locals or tourists alike and just immersing yourself in the city’s dynamic rhythm.

4.The Foodie

You love to get off the beaten path and find authentic places such as local agriculture, local or regional markets, famous restaurants, typical cuisine etc. You are eager for enjoying or experiencing the new food.

5.The Photojournalist

You believe in capturing the essence of timeless moments through candid, real and natural shots. Loving travel and having an eye for a great shot.

6.The Budget Traveller

You own a power that always manages to get the first-hand news for the cheap flight ticket, promotion theme park ticket, accommodation and so on. Handling the travel fund with the minimal cost as you could.

7.The Relaxation Traveller

You love to take yourself away from the everyday hustle and bustle whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or in a park. Sleeping in, reading a good book, sipping coffee and unrushed dinners are your idea of a perfect gateway.