//Top 5 destinations to visit in Thailand (part 1).

Top 5 destinations to visit in Thailand (part 1).

Recently, we have spoken about travel in general. Today, we would like to share with you different travel places specifically in a country. Today, we will be talking about Thailand.

1) Chiang Mai

This region is more mountainous, has cooler temperatures, and is more relaxed. With its misty mountains and lush valleys, the region is popular for jungle trekking and for visiting indigenous hill tribes.

The main city Chiang Mai has super low prices and an easygoing atmosphere, making it a great base from which to explore. Three hours north of Chiang Mai is the small town of Pai, a funky backpacker hangout amid a rural landscape with rice fields, hot springs, and waterfalls.

Terraced rice field in Pa Pong Pieng. Chiang Mai ,Thailand.

Northwest of Chiang Mai is the Mae Hong Son provinceThailand’s least populous region. For a great road trip, you can rent scooters and ride the Mae Hong Son loop through these tranquil backwaters of Thailand, starting and ending in Chiang Mai or Pai.

To the northeast, the province of Chiang Rai is also worth checking out. It has good trekking, some amazing mountain views, and it’s a nice stepping stone for onward travel to Laos.

2) Ayutthaya

Besides the capital of Bangkok, of particular note in Central Thailand are the archaeological sites of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, both filled with the crumbled remains of ancient Buddhist temples.

About 120km from Bangkok is the small riverside city of Kanchanaburi, made famous by the movie Bridge over the River Kwai. It has a minor traveler scene, and it is a good base for visiting historical sites, waterfalls, and Sai Yok National Park.

3) Chiang Rai

The northernmost city in Thailand, Chiang Rai serves as the main commercial hub of the Golden Triangle, which contains the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. A busy town offering something for everyone, Chiang Rai is often used as a base for exploring the surrounding region. The town itself is quiet during the day, when most of its package tourists are out on day trips, but at night the neon lights flash on and souvenir stalls and restaurants spring into action.

4) Pai

Once just a quiet village in northern Thailand, Pai is now a booming town that is part of the Mae Hong Son Loop stretching between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. Noted for its picturesque valley and relaxed atmosphere, Pai is a favored destination among backpackers and tourists wishing to explore the region. With Pai’s location in the foothills of the mountains there are several options for trekking and visiting hill tribes. Also just outside the city are elephant camps, hot springs and beautiful waterfalls. Additionally, the Pai River offers tubing and whitewater adventures.

5) Railay

Railay (or Rai Leh) is a small peninsula in south Thailand that is only accessible by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. These cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the world, but the area is also a popular attraction in Thailand due to its beautiful beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere. Almost every patch of buildable land fronting in the eastern and western part of the peninsula has been taken over by bungalow resorts, and development is creeping up into the forest behind. But at least there are no high-rise buildings, and much of the construction is hidden among trees or set amid prettily landscaped gardens.

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