//Top 5 Hidden Gem Good Food in KL (Part 2)

Top 5 Hidden Gem Good Food in KL (Part 2)

Previously, we have shared about 5 must have foods in KL region. Today we will share another 5 foods (traditional dessert) in KL region that you shouldnt miss.

1) Fatty Long Ice Kacang, Kepong

Located at Kepong, in the hawker stall right behind the famous KTZ (记得食). The black color sauce is the owner’s secret recipe, where it took him at least 7 hours to fine tune the black sugar, to have that sweet but not greasy taste. And the ice is very refined, can rival shaved ice standard.

it is only open at night from 6pm onwards.

2) Cendol SS15, Subang

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Located at SS15, Subang Jaya housing area.

The cendol is nice, not too greasy. However do note that there is no proper seat provided in this stall. But who cares? as long the food is nice, worth it!

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Their indian rojak worth a try too, but personally I’m more inclined to their cendol.

3) Tong Sui, Jalan Ipoh

Located just right in front of HSBC Jalan Ipoh.

Serving different types of desserts everyday. They have a banner to show what kind of dessert available for today. Of course, it comes along with other side eatery too such as chinese dumplings (Bak Chang), Curry Puffs, Kaya Puffs, Fried mee hun and etc.

4) Sulaiman’s Cendol & Rojak, Pudu

Located in Pudu

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Uncle Sulaiman always generous with the serving that he gives, can always ask for bigger portion.

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5) Tau Fu Fah, Seputeh Pasar Malam

A specialty of the pasar malam here. Besides the traditional one, there are Tau Fu Fah of fancier flavors, like pandan, lychee, and corn. Despite that, the quality remains consistent with other good Tau Fu Fah — the soy pudding is silken, soft, and soothing on the palate and throat.

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