//Touch ‘N Go Mobile Apps Is Here!
Touch n go app is here

Touch ‘N Go Mobile Apps Is Here!

Searching & buying movies ticket from multiple apps? Queuing up at the kiosk machine to pay your TNB bill? Nah, it’s the thing of past from now on you can do it all at newly launched Touch ‘n Go E-Wallet!

Recently many E-wallets are emerging in the market included the famous Chinese electronic payment system Wechat Pay and Alipay, well here comes another major player promise to provide an easy and cashless lifestyle to their users.

Touch ‘n Go, the company has more than 20million cards issued with average 7 million daily transactions, and in the past few years Touch ‘n Go are no longer staying in the Expressway & Public Transit sector, they already make their way into Parking & Retail. So if you do the maths, this newly launched TNG App could conquer the electronic payment system in the market.

Touch n Go in-app payment with QR code
Touch n Go in-app payment with QR code

With this app, you will soon experience a whole new seamless and cashless payment experience with the scan & pay features. But this feature is currently applicable to participating merchant, as this E-Wallet concept is still not widely applicable in the market yet.

Touch n Go Cashless Payment with QR Code
Touch n Go Cashless Payment with QR Code

Well, other than scan & pay you also can settle your telco, utilities and Astro bill with this app and one of the new features worth to mention is buying movies ticket and flight ticket all in one app! Not to forget about the transit ticket which will be available soon.

Touch n Go App - Movies Ticket
Touch n Go App – Movies Ticket
Touch n Go App - Flight Ticket
Touch n Go App – Flight Ticket

Last but not least, reload your TNG card online is finally viable with “Transfer to TNG Card” feature found in this app BUT many people might say this feature is useless because after you do the transfer, the card reload is partially done and the credit is not stored in your physical TNG card, you required to complete the credit transfer at their designated TNG Terminal called Pick Up Device (PUG) which will be installed at strategic locations “According to TNG Official Website”.

You may question TNG is trying so hard to simplify & make payment process so much easier but why would they make the card reload process so much hassles? Well there’s only 1 reason for this because currently the value information is all stored on the physical card, not the server. So the only way to reload the physical card is to have physical contact with the designated terminal to update the value information on the card HA technical limitation

RFID Tag at Plaza Toll
RFID Tag at Plaza Toll

By the way, if you’re living in Klang Valley you will notice certain toll has started to implement gateless gantry toll system with the RFID Tag and we speculate this will be part of the new feature coming to the app soon. We hope to tell you more but as far we have very limited info about this feature found in the app.

So in conclusion, put aside the hassle TNG card reload feature, this app is still a great & reliable E-Wallet for your daily usage and it’s now available for download at AppStore or Google Play

Ahh almost forget to tell you guys that this app is different from the existing MYTouchnGo Portal. So even you’re certified user there, you will still need to download the new TNG app and register an account there.

Learn more at Touch n Go Official Website